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Custom Mechanical Keyboards, Gaming Mice, and PC Gear

Game Maker’s Toolkit has a new video about how the Sims in The Sims make decisions. It’s a pretty fascinating set of systems that lets them take care of their needs but also make sometimes strange and hilarious decisions. Programmer Michael Birken published an extremely detailed set of instructions on his blog, Meat Fighter, showing how to create playable Tetris using tetrominos . A note from Asus in late June mentioned issues with failing SD cards and said a future update would boost fan speed as a precaution. It raises the fan curve when using it in Turbo mode, both on battery power and plugged in .

  • The custom PC you just built will serve as your foundation for all the gaming experiences ahead, and fine-tuning your components is all part of the fun of owning it.
  • The most common form factors are Extended ATX, ATX, microATX, and Mini-ITX.
  • Gaming is growing exponentially, its increasing influence on culture plus an evolving business model has created almost unlimited opportunities for brands.
  • Now they’re sifting through all of them and finding the most important, historically relevant videos to upload to a new YouTube channel as well as archive.org.

LG pushes the boundaries of a https://franknez.com/category/guest-posting/ PC monitor with AMD Radeon™ FreeSync™ 2 technology so you can say goodbye to screen tearing, and say hello to seamless gaming. In addition, NVIDIA G-SYNC technology works to minimize stutter and input lag for smoother transitions, while synchronizing the monitor refresh rates to the GPU inside GeForce GTX-powered PCs. The highly anticipated expansion features new gameplay mechanics, characters, and a fresh district in Night City. Create the ultimate PC gaming setup with gear built for whatever type of player you need to be.

NBA 2K24 honors the iconic Kobe Bryant as this years cover athlete

Some are e-sports athletes who play video games at a professional level in tournaments. They may be part of a team, or clan, and play in broadcasted events. They may make money from tournament prize pools and from corporate sponsorships. A streamer makes money by posting video of them playing games.

Once you figure out how big you want to go, look for a case that’s close to that size. If you’re not set on a specific size, it’s better to err on the larger side. You’ll likely find that it’s easier to work with a bigger case and will have a smoother time upgrading your PC in the future. Lastly, you’ll need scissors, and potentially a pair of wire cutters, for cutting zip ties and unpacking components. While these aren’t a must, tying your cables together will make the inside of your PC look neater. If you don’t want to buy zip ties, you can tidy things up with twist ties (you’ll likely have a surplus from your components’ packaging).


One of the best things about building a gaming PC is that the job is never truly finished. You can further customize your build to meet your needs and update it with the latest hardware as gaming system requirements advance. The custom PC you just built will serve as your foundation for all the gaming experiences ahead, and fine-tuning your components is all part of the fun of owning it.

How one British actor landed starring roles in two of 2023s biggest video games

While most bosses in Tears of the Kingdom take some time to defeat, one player manages to one shot a boss with an attack from up high. IFixit has a compilation of nine classic game consoles, and it’s sublime. It definitely wants to make sure you don’t forget about its non-FIFA game EA Sports FC coming this year. We knew that EA had acquired naming rights for Spain’s LaLiga, and now we can see what that actually looks like as part of the league’s visual rebranding. The best wireless gaming headsets allow you to enjoy your games and music tangle-free.

Top indie games

These games often make money by charging for cosmetic items or by artificially limiting play time and charging for premium content. The game publisher often does not make any money from the vast majority of the players. A few players, however, pay large sums of money — sometimes, hundreds of dollars — to get the premium content; these players are called whales in the industry. Massively multiplayer online games are games where thousands of players inhabit the same game world at one time. These are persistent worlds where players can interact and play together.

We do this through our three principles of representation, inclusion and advocacy. Our philosophy that gaming is more than advertising – it is about creating, amplifying and adding momentum to culture and the industry at large. We focus on fostering mutually beneficial relationships between players, publishers and brand, allowing brands to become part of the culture rather than interrupt it.

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